Distribution & Logistics


Redistribution & Logistics

FCE offers storage in our own fully equipped warehouses in Dubai and Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF) area at low rates. All warehouses are fully insured and under 24 hours security.

FCE Logistic Centre

15000 Sq.Ft. of warehouses and 2000 Sq. Ft. Adjacent offices fully equipped and staffed to handle inbound clearances and redistribution to Arab Gulf States, Europe and USA with full documentation procedures to fit customer's requirements. Located next door to Lufthansa Hub at Sharjah International Airport gives it a clear advantage for the use of LH 35 flights per week with ease & promptness.

FCE Sharjah Airport

25,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse adjacent to offices plus 15,000 Sq. Ft. Bonded warehouse.


From our facilities at Sharjah Airport Free Zone to all Arab Gulf States and the Middle East, Europe and the whole World by Air, Ocean and Overland Transport at favorable rates and charges.

Incoming consolidation

Free Break bulk and Reforwarding to Arab Gulf States, Middle East and points in Africa in a timely manner.

Flying Carpet Express LOGISTICS CENTER Sharjah Int'l Airport Free Zone (SAIF)

FCE Logistic Center at the Sharjah Free Zone (SAIF) has been set up as a response to an increasing demand from various sectors of the economy, for avoiding expensive labour in Europe, USA and to simplify distribution from/to Europe, Northern America, Far East and Middle East and related hereto minimize the transportation and distribution cost in a tax free Economy.


  • Transportation to 'Sharjah Port/Airport
  • Shipment to be consigned to Flying Carpet Express Logistics Center in Sharjah Free Zone ( SAIF)
  • Control of parcels, quantity of goods, sorting of goods, storage as per instructions of clients
  • Computing of outgoing shipment for redistribution, quantity control, packing marking and labeling.
  • Expediting
  • Insurance
    • a.) FCE legal liability is covered up to US$20/Kg when cargo is in its custody.Cargo insurance is recommended as per invoice value.
    • b.) Insurance of cargo to be arranged by Shipper or Consignee. FCE may arrange on request.


  • Client's instructions
  • Incoming shipment: Suppliers' Invoice, Packing List & Certificate of Origin
  • Outgoing shipment: Shipper's Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, and Transport Document.
  • Facility in preparing all documentation including C/O from Chamber of Commerce.


  • By fax, Email
  • Control and dispatch reports can be produced for every step in the process

Custom Duties:

  • Custom duties in the U.A.E is equal to 5% of CIF Value ( certain items are exempt such as printed matter, therefore, please check in advance)
  • Applicable Custom Duty & offloading of cargo at Final Consignee's warehouse is on their account ( unless a written arrangement is made with FCE)
  • Quotation for air/ocean/land transportation will be given on request before shipment date for each shipment, and in an efficient manner.